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Ideal Protein is a medical-grade and supervised wellness Protocol dispensed ONLY by healthcare professionals with personalized, support and education.  It is a muscle-sparing, fat-targeting, weight-loss Protocol without the use of drugs or exercise.  Ideal Protein is a powerful, temporary medical treatment that has a beginning and an end.  It is NOT for the rest of your life.

Ideal Protein features 70 delicious gourmet meals--sweet, salty, soft or crunchy--there's a taste and texture for every palate.  Our results are predictable and repeatable--the Scientific Gold Standard of Medicine.  A health Profile and Synopsis are available at our office if you would like to learn more or get started.  Come to our next FREE Open House to learn about Ideal Protein and Sample our foods.

Dr. DuBois has been on this protocol.  Her amazing results are documented below with her first weigh-in and today.